Sunday, June 3, 2012

28mm Victrix 92nd Gordon Highlander Flank Regiment of Foot

Hello Folks,

Here's my 2nd 28mm.  This time it is the plastic Victrix 92nd Gordon Highlanders regiment of foot:

The kilt is going for the muted look because of wool.

 To break up the disc like shape of the pot, I decided to add some dents to it.

 The B.O. stands for Board of Ordnance.  The up arrow is the marking, 92 is the regiment number.

 Chest details, the canteen strap buckle is not sculpted on, so you need to add it yourself

All four buckles on the backpack needs to be paint it on.

 More sensible distance.

 Notice the lip on the face sculpt is thicker, so decided to paint it open mouth.

 The Gordon Highlander tartan pattern.

Size comparison with Reaper Master Series paint.

My humble thoughts on the Victrix plastic highlander figures:

Victrix did a beautiful job sculpting and provide an oppotunity for us be able to purchase large amount of these multi-pose figures at a good price.  I like the dynamic poses and freedom to assemble these men in action rather than all marching.  Another great thing about this box is that there are kneeling figures, which, in my limited knowledge in the world of 28mm plastic figures, Kneeling figures are not common in other box sets.

About the scuplting, the figure is well porportioned with crisp details easily able to recognise what you are painting.  So for a detail fan like me is a true joy.

My favorite part of the whole sculpt is the head dress, which natually flows with deep nice details and rich textures.  Although a bit difficult to express black with highlight, the sculpting itself help to define it for me with out having to resort to drybrushing.

The backpack I also liked.  The box offered four different styles: with shoes, with pot, with a small bag, and plain.  I think its fantastic that Victrix offer such variety of options rather than just a plain one.  After some thought, I decide to use the backpack with pot.  Now after examing I realise the pot is done in a perfect circular shape almost like a disc.  Therefore need to rough it up a little and added dents to it to give a little more character.  Another thing worth noting on the backpack is that there are no sculpted buckles on the straps, which something you might consider adding when painting this figure.

The water canteen have nice texture wood grain on it.  I decide to paint the Board of Ordnance with the arrow marking and regiment number on it.  In my  research it is not necessary to have, but does gives a contrast to the blue background and the ease of recognition on the battlefield.  However, I wish Victrix include the waterslide decals with the kit like some of the 1/35 figure kit offer.  That would be nice.  Again, there are no buckle sculpted on the strap, you might want to paint that on there for accuracy reasons.

The face is something to watch out for.  The lower lip of the sculpt is a bit large so I decided to paint him open mouthed.  The nose is also a bit wide but could easily disguise with shadow to make it narrower. As for the of the head, the hat, the visor, the ears, all top notch.  The ribbon on the back is even sculpted!  Fantastic.

Anyways, I am rambling on.  As you might able to tell,  I am quite excited about the world of 28mm .  I want to thank you all for reading if you get this far, and thank my partner Jen.  Without her, all our projects could not be such joy and realised.

Comments and criticisms are most welcome.



  1. Increadible!!!!!!!!! I am almost tempted to buy some nappies... :-P woops that can sound bad

  2. WOW!!!1 love it what a fantastic paint job, i'm quite enjoying 28mm figures myself not to this standard though keep up the great work

  3. I agree with the conclusions on the mini itself. I have done one unit so far (Black Watch) and they are a joy to paint! And you did a most amazine job on this one!

  4. Like him! At first at thought the eyes were a bit too bright, but they look better from a reasonable distance.

  5. Where'd you get the tartan paint? ;-)

    Brilliant work!

  6. The tartan is fantastic, as the whole figure is!

    @Rosbif: I think you can find it somewhere on Paul's bods blog or on Benno's! ;-)


  7. A tartan patern in this scale is not posible, but you done it...
    I almost going to hate you, you are to good in your paintwork!
    This figure is amazing, not only the patern, but the whole figure.