Monday, May 28, 2012

28mm Perry Miniature 7th Hussar

Hello folks, Jen and I decided to start a joint blog after two years painting figures.  We have been collaborate on many projects for years.  This hussar will be our first 28mm figures and hopefully we will paint more in the future.

This figure is the French 7th regiment hussar elite captain sculpted by Perry Miniatures.

All the metallic items on this figure is painted with NMM (non-metal metallic) technique.

Free hand painted sabretache.

Beautifully scupted figure, even in plastic!

Detail of the face.

Bottom of the shoe.  I think alot of guys neglect to paint this part.  Small detail but it does make a difference, especially for cavalry figures.

After doing alot of horse study, we decide its good idea to add texture on the hooves, veins, ribs, and correct muscle tones.

We also decided to sculpt the leopard skin on the saddle to break up the  monotonous of the near black horse.

Details of the crests and harness.

The horse is actually dark brown rather than black.

Detail of the leopard saddle.

From this angle, some detail on the horse shoe.

Detail of the horse's face.  I try to make the eyes look as realistic as possible rather than just "black".

Well, that is yet so far.  Our first figure on this blog.  I hope you enjoy and comments are very apprecaited!


  1. There's no better way than this to introduce a new blog with such fantastic brushwork! Keep it up!


  2. My dear friends, this is a very nice piece of art. The way you both paint figures is of a very high level that I will never reach. Also your perfectionisme, like on the horse, is brilliant!

    Keep on painting!

    PS: I'm pleased you started this blog! :-D


  3. Hi lovely Jen, and u to my friend Ben!

    Glad you started blogging, took a while but here you two are ;-)

    A great introduction, I wish I had just 1/10 of your skills, amasing.
    This is no news cause I follow your work always on Bennos (the forum where you can duel)
    These pictures are so good, the details are so stnnung, but as said before I hate the stick in this painfule spot of the figure, why dont place in on the beautifule horse.

    Anyhowe, welcome in bloggerland, glad to meet you here to!

    Greetings to Ben, and a kiss for Jen!

  4. Wow! Marvelous work!

    Cheers from a fellow Texan,

  5. First look and I already have ideas of ways I can improve! This looks set to become one hell of a blog. Thanks!


  6. Beautiful figures on a beautiful Blog!
    Napoleonic is not my period, but I'm impressed by the high quality of your painting!

    [Hey Mister ROBOTS fighter who ask me : "dnstsntw change, ?" I'm definitively not a ROBOT !!!]

  7. Welcome to the world of blogging :-D

  8. Nice looking place you got here! :D

    The horse looks a bit "blueish"... which I found strange, but all the other details are... amazing!! WOW!


  9. Your work is inspirational and sets a very high standard for the rest of this. Thank you for sharing your painting skills through this blog.

  10. Amazing job! The eyes (on both the figure and the horse) really jump out to me.

  11. Thank you gents, I am humbled by the comments.


  12. I think this is possibly the best work I have seen. I was very suprised to see that it is 28mm, I really expeced a much larger scale.


  13. Hi Ben & Jen,

    Great start to your blog! That is a fantastic example of your technique.

    I look forward to more!

  14. That is amazing, especially the hooves