Thursday, July 12, 2012

28mm Wargames Foundry The Charging Chasseur a Cheval Conversion

Hello Folks,

Something Jen and I cooked up over the weekend.  This time it is the famous "Charging Chassuer" painting by Theodore Gericault.  I start out with the classic Wargame Foundry version and tweak a little.  Since Wargame Foundry is 25mm, I decide to made the horse larger to match the Perry's Miniature so they look a little better sitting next to each other.

There are few things I want to accomplish on this figure, here are my train of thoughts:
1. To match the painting as close as possible.
2. at the same time to preserve the style of orginial miniature.
3. Match the size of Perry's Figure in 28mm

It was difficult for me and now I have even more respect for the sculptors.  I had to made some compromises but at the same time trying to keep the spirit of the painting.

I hope you enjoy.  I will probably paint it in the coming month.

 Primed version.

 Conversion with kneadatite.

Size comparison on before and after, the right models are from Perry Miniature.

The original version.

Here are more pictures from different angles:

 Fatten the horse stomach to match the size of Perry Miniatures and add correct anatomy.

 Added horseshoes and reshape hooves.

 Reposition the tassle on the hat and add horse rein.

The opposite angle where widen and enlongate the horse's buttock and neck.