Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Got Halflings?

Hello Folks,

Just want to share one of my favorite nastalgic set today.  Still getting the hang of using this blog thing lol.  Today Postmaster Phil came by and dropped off  this sets of figures.

This set is the now discontinued Halfling Hotpot team from Games Workshop.  From what I understand this set is rather hard to find now.  I won it on eBay few days ago for a fairly good price.  When they arrive they were painted but it does show some age so I decide to strip the paint off and who knows, maybe one day give them a new sets of color.  Even though I hardly paint fantasy subject, I do have affinity for these little guys.  Perhaps they were in the first issue of White Dwarf Magazine I ever bought.  As a child, those painted example in the magazine were things to dream about.  I would spend days looking at them but never have the courage nor finance to follow through.  Now giving a second chance and alot older, I decide to acquire this little gem.

This is the example from Games Workshop.  The same sample on my old White Dwarf Magazine.

Here's the figure set I got after the paint were stripped.  They look brand new without any sign of wear and tear.  The seller was generous enough to include an extra Halfling.  Yeah, I am happy!

If you guys know what year they were made of, please kindly let me know.  And with any  luck, Jen might paint them. :)



  1. lucky you!!!!. I see you added the labels list to your blog.. thanks. now I can do some exploring :-D

  2. I believe it was made available as a finecast model recently, so should be easy to get hold of.

  3. Looking forward to what Jen will make of them!


  4. Funny set this is, and I am sure you two can make a suberb touch on them...

  5. Hi,
    It seems that these figures were first released in 1992. Check the link below for more details: