Monday, May 28, 2012

28mm Perry Miniature 7th Hussar

Hello folks, Jen and I decided to start a joint blog after two years painting figures.  We have been collaborate on many projects for years.  This hussar will be our first 28mm figures and hopefully we will paint more in the future.

This figure is the French 7th regiment hussar elite captain sculpted by Perry Miniatures.

All the metallic items on this figure is painted with NMM (non-metal metallic) technique.

Free hand painted sabretache.

Beautifully scupted figure, even in plastic!

Detail of the face.

Bottom of the shoe.  I think alot of guys neglect to paint this part.  Small detail but it does make a difference, especially for cavalry figures.

After doing alot of horse study, we decide its good idea to add texture on the hooves, veins, ribs, and correct muscle tones.

We also decided to sculpt the leopard skin on the saddle to break up the  monotonous of the near black horse.

Details of the crests and harness.

The horse is actually dark brown rather than black.

Detail of the leopard saddle.

From this angle, some detail on the horse shoe.

Detail of the horse's face.  I try to make the eyes look as realistic as possible rather than just "black".

Well, that is yet so far.  Our first figure on this blog.  I hope you enjoy and comments are very apprecaited!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Building a Wargaming Table Part 1

Recently, Jen and I decided to build a gaming table.  We have never played any wargame before but we thought it might be fun just to get the table set up.  Something to do while taking breaks from painting figures.

Now we don't like the store bought and painted terrain for two reasons.  First, most of them the felt seems too green and uniformed... in a way, kinda cartoonish.  Second, they are so expensive! 

Neither us have experience in building terrain so we resort to the web for examples and bought a Games Workshop book "How To Make Wargames Terrain" .  Reading the book was alot of  fun, so we decide to start with something easy.  We decide to build some small hills! (insert dramatic music).

So we were on a mission and determine to build it ourselves to save few bucks.    

I found a pink insulation foam board in my garage left over from home improvement project, cut it up, and sand it down.  I used the garden dirt in my backyard as base, add some twigs and static grass, paint it, and here is the result.

I placed these hills on our gaming table which we built around the same time.  The river sets are from Battle Field in a Box which I think could use some improvement.  The table, static grass, glue, and the 6' x 4' green felt all costed us about $30 USD.  Two sets of rivers cost me about $40 which is more than the table and hills combine!  Oh well, at least I can use them as blue print for  rivers we will be making later. 

Well, that is it, the hills took us one weekend to do.  We like them but as always there are room to improve.   We will tackle something more difficult on our next session.  I guess something hilly with rock face or giant boulders.

For you experienced wargamers, please give us your feedback on what to improve on gaming table.  Very much apprecaited!

1/72 Italeri French 5th Hussars

Jen and I have big plans lol~  We are trying to paint 50 French 5th Hussars.  We started last year but never got around to finish.  Hopefully we do.

 We do them all the same pose at the same time with minor modifications so none of them look exactly the same.

Different hats but all labor of love.

 Some facial Studies.

 Single figure snapshot.

I hope you all enjoy~

1/72 Italeri 5th Hussars Elite Trumpeter

 One of our on going project is the 1/72 Italeri Hussars.  In this perticular figure depict the trumpeter of 5th Hussar regiment.  Nothing much to say about this figure but trying to get him a horse soon!


 This figure was painted back in January 2012.  I hope you like him.

1/72 Italeri Napoleonic French Dragoon Sapper (Sapeur)

Hello Folks,

Oldie but something I am fond of.  It's a conversion of an Italeri 1/72 Dragoon.  It depicts the "Dragoon Sapeur " by  the famous artist Edouard Detaille, which my dear friend Sascha think is a terrible artist. :)

The original painting

 My effort of the 1/72 version.

 Rear details

 Flag details.

Converted horse.

 Group shot with the elites

 On my gaming table.

 Detail of the head.

 Initial paint test with sapper badge.

 Initial paint test for the sapper head.

 Base of the figure.

Anyways, it was alot of fun.  I hope you like!