Friday, June 22, 2012

Meet My New Assistant...

Hello Folks,

Everyone knows we paint slow.  But still, the fire is burning in our hearts.  To solve the problem, I introduce my newest assistance.  Jerry the "Masterclass" Doberman.

Inspecting the troops.

Let see... 20 hours per figure and there are roughly 1,500 figures so far... so I think three of us will finish painting all these figures about 30,000 hours... Gents, that is 41 years.  Not bad!

PS: Will trade some Perry infantry box fig for Victrix infantry box fig.



  1. well it seems that you will not need to buy any more figs for a while then :-P well maybe your new assistant can bring that 41 years back to a managable 31 years :-)

  2. Fine looking assistant you have. Certainly looks like he could motivate. That is an impressive undertaking you're committing too. Best wishes. BTW, you could announce your swap on TMP or other sites - I'm sure some folks prefer Perry over Victrix - mainly the folks who want less individual parts. Best, Dean

  3. I thought i had far too many unpainted figures haha.

    Cracking dog :D

    1. You know sir, "Masterclass" just ate a tree I spent 3 days to make...


  4. So that makes "42" years! lol

    I will not count all my 1/72 figures. But I'm sure I will not make it in "41" years! :-D

    I thought you took your new friend in the house to protect the collection! But the dog looks really nice!

    How did you paint him? lol