Saturday, May 26, 2012

1/12 Starship Trooper's Bust

Here's one of my favorite old work from Jen, it's a mini bust from a 1/12 model kit called Starship trooper power suit.  The project is a study of painting human skin tone as realistic as possible with imperfections.

The box art of the kit from Wave.

The study of  facial expression.

 Details of the eyebrows, wrinkles, and crows feet.

 Detail of the lip scar.

Freckles and five o clock shadow. 

The interpretation of the expression of seriousness and focus.

Detail of the respirator.

 Size compare to a U.S. quarter.

 Left detail.

Right detail.

She didn't like the bald head look so she decided to do the wetsuit with the help of  kneadatite.

After the primer.

This is the box art example with the bald head look.

This little project was painted back in 2010 September.  Wonderful little exercise.  Now one of these days I shall finish the rest of the suit!  

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  1. well this is most certainly a different work to those previously posted on this site