Tuesday, September 18, 2012

28mm Charging Chasseur à Cheval in 360° Spin

Hello folks, Goofing off with me woman Jen and found a website teaching geeks like us on how to do the spin. So we decide to give it a try. Not perfect, but if you like to try for yourself, here's the link:

Click the left mouse button and move
cursor left or right to spin the picture.



  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! the detail, the realism, 360 degrees of awsomeness!!! that is the most amazing thing I have seen and it works! the plants and everythinf on the base is so intricate I do not know how you could do all that! great work and yes the test post works this system is wonderful

  2. I absolutely love the paint job on this figure. One ofmthenworkers at Pegasus Hobbies said it was the finest painted figure he had ever seen. Great job, Ben. I also like the 360 display.

  3. Nice view - again, this is a truly fantastic figure. Best, Dean

  4. Absolutlely beautyful! Makes your work look even better (if at all possible). Might have to borrow the 360° spin in the future.

  5. Absolutely fantastic painted figure! Master class!